Saturday, December 1, 2018

10th Anniversary Celebration

Last weekend we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Musana Camps.  The first camp in 2008 was a family group from Kasana Children's Center.  They camped in small tents since there were only a few buildings on the property at the time and had to carry all of their water for cooking and bathing.  Things have changed quite a bit around here over the last ten years!  

During the course of the weekend, we heard many testimonies of how God has used this place to change people's lives.  Many previous campers and staff attended the celebrations, and it was a joy to reconnect with them.  We planted trees in the community, held a community football tournament, hosted several celebratory meals, and even had fireworks one night!  For our church service on Sunday, we had over 500 people attend, with several of them coming to salvation during the message!

We praise God for all the ways that He has used this place to build His kingdom and inspire growth in the lives of His disciples.  You can watch a video of highlights of the weekend here and a video of Musana's first ten years here.

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