Tuesday, October 9, 2018


At the end of September we celebrated Dan's 6th birthday with a cookout and bonfire with friends.  It is so fun to watch this little boy as he is growing up.  These days he loves horses and knights, building with Legos or sword-fighting with John, and eating Ugandan bananas!  Dan's middle name is Isaac which means "laughter," and it is always fun to see how he lives up to that name.  This year, I (Kendra) told Dan to pose for a birthday picture and this is what I got...

The funniest part is that these are some pictures of Dan from five years ago...

Still the same funny boy!  What a joy he is in our family!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Coming and Going

Abigail - ready for the airplane
We took a break from posting while we were in the States for the last four months visiting friends and family.  The time went by quickly, but we enjoyed seeing familiar faces and visiting with people.  Thank you to everyone who hosted us in your homes or shared a meal with us!  We were so encouraged as we spent time with each of you!

We were on a tight flight schedule coming back to Uganda, but by God's grace, we made each of our flights and were only delayed on the runway for our last short leg from Rwanda to Uganda.  We are settled back into our house and are enjoying some of the things we love about living in Uganda...waking up to the sound of the birds and the sunrise over the lake, eating delicious local pumpkin and collard greens and avocados, and reuniting with our friends and church family here. 

The camp has hosted several groups over the last week and a half - two children's groups from organizations in Kampala and Jinja and a family group from New Hope Uganda's Kasana Children's Center.  We jumped in to help serve a few meals and take care of maintenance issues around camp.  We are so thankful for our faithful staff who continually share God's love with the people that come here!  It is a blessing to work alongside these brothers and sisters in Christ!  

Here are a few pictures from our first few weeks back in Uganda.

Picking collard greens
Hannah & Stella

Dan, Hosea, Eden, & Jesse

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Wedding Bells

Last weekend we were able to enjoy celebrating the wedding of our co-worker and friend, Moses.  He has been working with Nathan in construction at Musana for almost five years.  He is a hard worker and has quickly learned metal working.  He is a talented musician and often leads worship at our church or for groups that come to camp.  At the end of last year, he "saw the light" and realized that his friend Esther was the woman he wanted to marry.  We were acquainted with Esther from the times that she had come to volunteer at camp, but we enjoyed getting to know her better as we did premarital counseling with them.

At the wedding, there were some delays in the morning because of rain, but after about an hour God allowed the sun to shine through the clouds.  Everything went smoothly in spite of the mud and wet grass!  Abigail was a flower girl in the wedding.  She loved wearing all white, though she didn't enjoy standing up in front of all of those people!  We were so glad to stand with and support these friends in their new life together!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Yesu Aazukide!

Musana Community Church
Easter is a time of celebration here in Uganda, but it's not celebrated with Easter bunnies and pastel colors and eggs.  Christians across the country will often have prayer meetings at church on Friday and Saturday, and Sunday is a day of feasting, wearing new clothes, and joyous church celebrations.  Yesterday during our church service, we shouted "He is risen!" in eleven different languages with people coming from six different countries ("Yesu Aazukide" is the Luganda translation).  With the exception of a few visitors, all of these people live within a few miles of Musana, but as you can see, they have a variety of ethnic backgrounds!  It was a beautiful reminder to live with anticipation toward Jesus' return, when He will gather people from all nations to worship Him forever.  What a joy to be able to experience a small taste of what that will be like!

This anticipation of Christ's second coming also reminds us to be intentional in sharing the good news of Jesus with people around us.  One man that has come to church for the past three weeks is a professing Muslim, yet because of recent miraculous answers to prayer in his life, he has begun coming to our church.  We pray that his heart is softened toward the good news of Jesus Christ.  There is a woman that has come to our church off and on for several years but she has often lapsed back into a licentious lifestyle.  She testified a few weeks ago that coming to our women's Bible study has helped her to begin living out her faith in her day to day life.  We pray for her heart and mind to be transformed through the Word of God.  

These are just a few of the people that God has brought to our church and has given us the opportunity to love and teach.  Thank you for your prayers for our church!  We are constantly amazed and overwhelmed by the power of God as we see Him at work in this community!

Our family celebrating the Passover

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Catching up!

We apologize for not keeping up with our blog in the last few months!  Here are some pictures of life for us over the last few months...
We enjoyed our Christmas in Uganda.  The Sunday School kids
put on a program for the church on Christmas Eve, and we enjoyed
delivering basins of food to widows and single mothers.
In December, we celebrated two birthdays...Abigail turned three
and became a "big girl" (at least that is what she told us!), and
Hannah, our little lady, turned seven.
In January, we enjoyed a visit from Kendra's parents.  Our kids
got to play with/wear out Grammy and Papa, we got a date night,
and we all went on safari at Murchison Falls National Park!
Later in January, the new school year began for us...John began 4th
grade, Hannah began 3rd grade, and Dan is finishing up Kindergarten.
Of course, Abigail joins in also and we say she is in "baby" class.  :)
In February, we made a trip up to the
NHU main site at Kasana to do some
electrical infrastructure work.  John, as a
true Jackson, enjoyed helping Nathan with
the work!

While at Kasana, we also enjoyed spending time with many of
our friends there.  Even though we live in the same country,
we often do not see each other for months since our sites are
five hours apart. 
One of the new things in Nathan's work this year is mentoring
and training a young boy from our community.  Willy was
abandoned by his parents just over a year ago, so our church
has been helping him in various ways.  This year, he will be
attending the camp school to learn to read and write, and he
will be getting practical skills training with the construction crew.

At the beginning of March, we headed up to NHU's Kobwin site
where Nathan and several other NHU construction men worked to
put up the columns, trusses, and purlins for a workshop and vocational
school.  The building is very tall and the sun was very hot, which made
for some long days of work.  But we were thankful that God kept
everyone safe!
Once again, one of the parts that we enjoyed about going to the
Kobwin site was being able to spend time with our friends there.
We shared meals with several families, and our kids enjoyed
climbing over all of the huge rocks with their friends.
Well, that is a quick tour of our life over the last three months.  The camp has hosted many different camps, retreats, and teams, and our church has continued to grow as well.  So God's work continues even when we do not share about it!  We will try to not take so long before posting again, but thank you to everyone who prays for us even when we do not communicate well!