Friday, August 11, 2017


This last Sunday we held a baptism at our church where sixteen people were baptized.  Several of the people were on staff with us here at Musana Camps.  Among the rest were two women who just came to trust in Christ in the last few weeks and a family of a father and a son with each of their wives.  Each one of these people has an amazing story of the way that God has worked to draw them into a relationship with Him.  

One of them was a man that we have known since we came to the camp over six years ago.  He has changed from a man who drank too much and often mistreated his family to a man who's main concern is taking care of his family, studying the Bible, and sharing the gospel with his neighbors.  His family has recently been going through a rough time with some health concerns, but he testified at the service on Sunday that even this sickness has shown him new things about trusting God.  It has even been a picture to him of the sin in our hearts and that the only way to be healed of that sin is to come to Jesus.  Many people in his village are mistreating him because of the disease that his wife now has or they are telling him to leave her and take another wife.  But instead of fighting with the people around him or separating from his wife (which is something he very likely would have done six years ago), he has remained calm and faithful, trusting God to provide for their family and bring peace in their community.  After his testimony, several others in our congregation stood up to speak words of encouragement to him and his family, reminding them that God knows and loves them deeply and is always working out what is best.

After hearing these testimonies and listening to each person proclaim their faith in Jesus Christ, we headed to the edge of the lake to watch each one be baptized.  As they entered the water, one of our ladies began singing in praise and worship.  The singing continued through all sixteen baptisms and for several hours afterward as people just enjoyed praising God for who He is and the grace that He gives us in Christ.  It was beatiful.  

As we enjoyed the beautiful time of fellowship together, I thought back through the journey of our little church...from when we began meeting every other week with mostly just a handful of camp the Sunday when we had twenty kids from the community show the weeks when it was almost all children coming to the times when parents of the children began coming...and the story continues up to today when we regularly have sixty or more adults along with over a hundred children.  But more than just a story of growth in numbers, to me it is a testimony of the power of the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of people to bring them to faith in Christ.  Being a part of that journey and seeing God's hand at work has been one of the biggest highlights for us in our time here in Uganda.  God is amazing, and it is amazing to see His handiwork.

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