Thursday, July 6, 2017


Out for a tour of the camp
We recently enjoyed a visit from Kendra's mom and sister for two weeks.  Many things around the camp had changed since they were last here a few years ago, so it was fun to show them around.  The kids loved all of the "Grammy" and "Auntie" time, which included tea parties (for the girls), crafts, books, and lots of games.  Aunt Erin and John even created their own chess board and pieces just so that they could play it together.  On top of playing with our kids, they also managed to clean the house, keep up with dishes and laundry, can tomato sauce and pickles, and even give Nathan and I a date!  In other words, they were superwomen!  Or at the very least, they were a joy and blessing to our house for the last few weeks, and our time with them passed by all too quickly.  Abigail has described things so well for all of us the last few days.  On the way to the airport on Monday, she said, "If Grammy and Aunt Erin go on the airplane, I will be so sad!"  And today she prayed, "Thank you, Jesus, that Grammy and Aunt Erin get to come another day!"

Abigail's "school" with Aunt Erin

Holding a baby bird
Games with Grammy

The hand-made chess set

Auntie Erin & Hannah
Mother/daughter/sister time (thank you, Angela!)

Dan & Grammy

A tea party for "girl time"

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