Saturday, March 18, 2017

Finishing and Starting

Groundbreaking at the new guesthouse
This week we held a groundbreaking celebration for our new guesthouse.  Even as we all arrived to celebrate, the building crew was busy breaking the ground for the foundation of the house.  This new guesthouse will take the place of the one we had been using as a guesthouse, which is now a home for our newest staff family, Jarid and Staci Sinkler.  The site for the house overlooks the lake and is a very peaceful spot.  We hope and pray that God will use it to bring refreshment and peace to all who use it!
The single guys' duplex

Along with starting the new guesthouse project, Nathan and the construction crew have been busy finishing up various projects around camp, including the clinic, the newest set of cabins, and the duplex for the single guys.  They have appreciated the help of Moses, an Investment Year (IY) student that is doing an internship with them for the next few months.  He has a teachable spirit and a willingness to jump into whatever work is going on, which are both very valuable skills to have in any job!  We are so grateful to God for the work He is doing to grow this place for His glory!

IY students - Moses and Robert

Baggie, working on his house

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